Your Karns Foods Shopping List

Creating Your Own Shopping List:

Step 1: Visit View items in our Top 10 Weekly Deals, on our Weekly or Monthly circular pages, and also the ingredient lists on the Scott’s Meal Deals page.

Step 2: At the bottom of each Top 10 item, or as you scroll over each item in our Weekly or Monthly circular, you can click the green “Add To List” button to instantly add your desired item(s) to your list, displayed on the right side of your screen.

When seeing a recipe you like on the Scott’s Meal Deals page, you can easily add one or more recipe ingredients to your list by placing check marks in the boxes next to your needed items. Then click on the green ‘Add Recipe’ button at the bottom of each ingredients list.

Step 3: To manually add items to your list, click on the blue "Shopping List" button on the right side of your screen. There you can add each item to your list by typing it in the "Add Item To List" box and clicking the green "+" button. To separate your shopping list items by department, simply type in that item and then select its department in the box to the right. You may also add common grocery items from our entire store by clicking here.

Step 4: Once you are satisfied with your list, you can save it on our site by clicking the “Save List” button at the bottom right area of your screen. Simply enter your email address and your list will be saved for later at

Step 5: If you would like to print your Shopping List, click the “Print List” button at the bottom right of your screen. If you would like to Email your list to yourself or another recipient, click the “Email List” button.