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KARNS HOURS 8 am - 8 pm
SENIOR HOUR 7 am - 8 am

Karns Foods wants to provide our at risk-customers (Senior Citizens and the Immunocompromised) with the ability to shop at the beginning of each day to avoid busier and more crowded shopping periods. We request that our other customers join us in supporting this at-risk group by shopping from 8 am – 8 pm. Thank you for your help in looking out for our neighbors during this time.

Location Phone Numbers

Boiling Springs Karns Food Store

Grocery: 717-258-1458
Meat: 717-258-1658
Bakery: 717-258-1858
Fax: 717-258-1648

Carlisle Karns Food Store

Grocery: 717-218-8588
Meat: 717-218-0183
Bakery: 717-218-1010
Fax: 717-218-2478

Hershey Karns Food Store

Grocery: 717-533-6445
Meat: 717-835-0267
Bakery: 717-835-0268
Fax: 717-835-0192

Lemoyne Karns Food Store

Fax: 717-901-6563

Mechanicsburg Karns Food Store

Fax: 717-901-6997

Middletown Karns Food Store

Grocery: 717-944-7486
Meat: 717-902-1425
Bakery: 717-902-1427
Fax: 717-902-1441

New Bloomfield Karns Food Store

Grocery: 717-582-4028
Meat: 717-582-7726
Bakery: 717-582-2057
Fax: 717-582-2118

Paxton Square Karns Food Store

Grocery: 717-545-4731
Meat: 717-545-5160
Bakery: 717-545-7671
Fax: 717-540-9138

Newberry - Etters Karns Food Store


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