Karns In The Community

The Karns Family lives in, works in and loves Central PA. With such a connection to the local community we know and understand the importance of lending support in a variety of ways:

Gift Card Program

Raising funds for your favorite nonprofit couldn’t be easier with the Karns Gift Card Program! Click Here for more information!

Gift Card

Donation Request Information

If your non-profit group or community organization is interested in a donation for your cause or event, please make a request through our online donation request application. Please submit requests one month prior to your event.

We receive many requests and cannot respond directly to all of them - once you submit your request, if your donation is approved, you will be contacted by someone from our corporate office, or the store location nearest you. Follow up calls and emails are not necessary. Most donation requests will be honored in the form of a Karns Gift Card.

Unfortunately there are some requests for donations that Karns Food Markets will not be able to accommodate. Those include:

  • Direct requests for individuals in financial distress

  • Advertising in yearbooks, sports programs, or event performances

  • Individuals seeking donations for trips or other personal sponsorships

  • Requests for donations outside of our service or store location marketing area

Click Here For Donation Request Form