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Fresh Rewards

Fresh Rewards

Now Better Than Ever!

  • Earn Points with Every Karns Purchase!
  • Redeem For FREE Gift Cards From Karns!
  • Earn Double-Points on Featured Items Every Week!


Earn Double Rewards Points On All Equaline Products!

How much will you save!

At Karns we work extra hard to save you money. That's why we're offering this exciting new upgrade to our popular Fresh Rewards Program. Most grocery stores offer rewards programs with confusing rules. At Karns we aim to keep things simple. For every dollar you spend you earn one point. Cash them in for gift cards from Karns.




Now more than ever, it pays to shop at Karns. In addition to our weekly Top 10 Deals and great specials on everyday items, Karns Fresh Rewards guarantees that the more you spend, the more you save.




At Karns you earn one point for every dollar you spend. Plus, every week we offer special items that earn double-points. Your points total is listed in your weekly Karns email.




The only thing better and easier than earning Karns Fresh Rewards points is redeeming them for real savings. Forget the gas discounts at the other stores! With Karns Fresh Rewards, you could save twice as much or more. Check out the chart for a comparison. You'll save more at Karns by using your Rewards points to receive a FREE $10, $25 or even $50 gift card from us!


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Twice the Rewards Savings*! No Expiration Dates**! Unlimited Earnings Potential!

Karns Fresh Rewards Points Values

350 Points = $10 Karns Gift Card
800 Points = $25 Karns Gift Card
1,500 Points = $50 Karns Gift Card

Karns Gift Card
Redeem Your Points Anytime For FREE Gift Cards From Karns!
Typical Gas Discount
Karns Fresh Rewards
You Spend $350
You Spend $350
You get 30¢ off / gallon 
You Save $10
Average Gas Tank 16 Gallons You Save: $4.80
Have more cash in your pocket for gas
You would need a 34-gallon gas tank to match Karns Savings!

†Points not used within 18 months will expire.

If you make a purchase without using your Fresh Rewards Card you can still receive points if you turn in your receipt to Customer Service within 30 days of your purchase.